I worked during 5 months at the Observatory of Midi-Pyrénées of Web Engineer and Web Designer.


The problematics :

All the websites of the Observatory are made with the CMS EZ-Publish. This CMS will observe huge modification very soon and it works with Symfony which is far for simple for a lot of workers of the Observatory. Is there an other secure solution, maybe easier to use and more adapted ?

Is there also a way to link every website in order that a content could be share between the different websites?


What i provided :

I personally love to use WordPress. It has a lot of qualities : easy to use, high customizable, search engine friendly and a lot more. So it was my first though when I heard about the project. I had to actively search the proof that it was the best solution for the observatory.

During two months I did research about :

  •  wordpress network which allowed to create multiple website which the same data base and wordpress installation.
  • how to limit the risks of security fail with this installation
  • which plugins and theme permit an high customisation adapted to the project



Layout website